Chiropractic Adjustments

Here at Theramed we are dedicated to serving you with superior quality care. As an Injury and Wellness Center we concentrate on injuries relating to Car Accidents, Work Related Injuries and Chronic Pain to the Neck and Back. We also treat patients with headaches, radiating arm pain, radiating leg pain, as well as patients who are generally healthy, looking for Wellness Care to maximize the full potential their body offers.

Chiropractic involves the scientific fact that the nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. If there is an interruption in this flow due to trauma or everyday wear and tear, your body almost always has an unfavorable response. As chiropractors, we are experts in the structure and function of the spine. We evaluate your spine by performing a thorough examination, and administering and/or referring for diagnostic studies if medically necessary. We always review our findings with you, and tailor a specific care plan that will help you achieve optimal wellness and maximal improvement.

Let us get you on the road to better health today!