Attorney Portal

Med/Legal Services provided:

  • Advanced training in Brain and Whiplash Traumatology relating to low impact auto collisions.
  • Advanced training in Impairment Ratings-Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment-6th edition.
  • Independent Medical Examiner for plaintiff and defense.
  • Veterans Association-VA Community Care Network provider.
  • TheraMed Medical Clinics offers medical care such as EMC-Emergency Medical Condition evaluations, trigger point injections when medically necessary, follow-up evaluations, prescriptions when medically necessary, etc…..
  • TheraMed Medical Clinics offers full Chiropractic and Physiotherapy from whiplash to wellness.
  • Available for depositions and trials.
  • Independent Peer Reviewer of other doctor’s/clinic’s files, records, and narratives for 2nd opinion evaluation and trial prep.
  • We work with all out of town and out-of-state lawyers.
  • 20 years experience treating personal injury-Over 30,000 hours.
  • We provide transportation to those that qualify.
  • Lunch and learn presentations taught by Dr. Albert to law firms, primary care and specialty clinics, and insurance companies available upon request and time availability.